Our Most Frequently Asked Questions.

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What is inRentive?

inRentive saves property managers time and money by reducing vacancy and eliminating the need for expensive and non effective marketing sources. We offer our customers a streamlined way to manage unit-level listing content, analyze portfolio performance and market apartment units across Craigslist and social media through our direct integration with existing back-end property management software.

  • Unit-Level integration w/ most major back-end property management solutions
  • One-click Craigslist and Social Media publishing
  • New - Facebook unit-level “check availability” portal
  • Enterprise level user based role management with custom user roles
  • Built-in photo editing/tagging and cloud based photo storage
  • Lead-to-lease management with built-in lead response center (optional)
  • ILS syndication tool (optional)
  • Reporting:
    • automatic property performance scorecard
    • user-level engagement reporting
    • real-time consumer facing market analytics

What problem are you solving?

We save property management professionals time, reduce vacancy costs, eliminate duplicative data, save money on expensive ILS’s, reduce brokerage dependency and provide real-time unit-level listing data to consumers. We also capture floor plan specific photos to further aid in our mission to provide transparency and improve the rental experience for today’s consumer.

Are you integrated?

In most cases, yes! inRentive cares deeply about curating (and standardizing) quality content, which is why we are so passionate about having direct integration with back-end property management software.

How long does it take to get set up with inRentive?

Most customers are able to sign up an entire portfolio with just a few clicks.

What makes inRentive different than its competitors?

There are lots of reasons, but here are the three most important ones:

  • Unit-Level-integration with your existing property management solution
  • Closed based photo storage, editing and tagging feature
  • Enterprise level user based role management (which allow for individualized user-level contribution reporting)

Our communities already use a lot of technology.
Why do we need this too?

In today’s fragmented market, no one tool does everything you need it to do in order to be effective. This has forced you to consume a lot of technology in order to get the job done. Why? Because your current solutions aren’t focused on the right things. inRentive has one core focus: we want to standardize unit-level listing content and provide an environment to enrich the ads to create highly effective unit-level marketing. Our main goal is to help you rent more apartments, but we also want to save you money by eliminating the need for non-effective and/or redundant/outdated technology solutions.

Do I need to build a new ad every time I post to Craigslist?

inRentive does 90% of the ad creation work for you. You can build up to 20 versions of each listing, maximizing your marketing potential. You also have the flexibility to add unique titles, descriptions, photos and select key features on an individual unit basis. Our Craigslist ads are SEO optimized and each listing features your community name, further increasing the likelihood of your listing appearing in search engines.

Where do leads go?

We work within the lead distribution system that you already have in place. This can be set up on a property by property basis. In addition, we have a built in response platform which makes receiving and interacting with new leads easy, fast and effective.

Is training and support available?

Yes, Yes & Yes. First, we start off each new deployment with a kick off call, hosted by the company Founders. We do this because we believe that a strong foundation lays the path to continued success. We train each team on how to use inRentive, how to curate floor plan specific photos, and how to take advantage of the program as it was originally designed. In addition, we have a robust online training program that features dozens of short video tutorials. We provide reporting on training and make sure that the product is understood by all. Lastly, inRentive has an on-demand support center with frequently asked questions, plus the ability for you to chat live with us, as well as post a new question on the question board.

We like the idea of adding and tracking individual users, but how do we maintain brand integrity?

The inRentive platform was designed with you and your team's versatility in mind. Administrators can set custom user roles and add/restrict functionality on an individual user basis, which allows you to retain control and easily delegate additional work. The most important element to remember is this: if you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it.

How do inRentive reports vary from what I already have?

We designed our analytics to be highly visual, easy to understand and to offer insight into consumer behavior that you can't find anywhere else. For example, our comparison grid feature allows you to enter custom price variables so you can dig deep into prospect viewing trends. With inRentive, you can also test spot specials to see how raising or lowering your prices may impact your lead flow, gaining insight market trends. We also show you things like which days of the week have the highest return on views and leads via an easy to understand calendar view, and which time of day specific apartments see the most activity.

For Craigslist, we monitor and track the same things that Craigslist does. We provide an automatic report which will help to reduce or completely eliminate ghosting issues simply by monitoring and reporting on key elements that Craigslist pays attention to.

What types of billing do you offer?

We offer flexible invoicing methods, allowing you to choose from receiving one invoice for multiple communities, or individual invoices if each community is paying separately.

I just read a lot about inRentive, can you summarize?

inRentive integrates directly with existing back-end property management software (Yardi, Property Solutions, etc) and extracts data about your building(s) (amenities, apartment types, etc) as well as unit-level listing data. Once we have the raw data, we then allow you to upload and tag floor plan specific photos to create real-time, highly accurate listings. Once the ads are created we make it incredibly easy for you to post to popular websites, like Craigslist and Facebook. At your discretion, we’ll also syndicate this information to popular internet listing services. Finally, we track real-time consumer facing analytics which will help you in the critical decision making process.

How can I setup a demo to see inRentive in action?

Absolutely! To schedule a demo, send an email to sales@inrentive.com, complete our online form, or call 800-916-3717.

  • Enterprise deployment available
  • Dedicated Account Manager included
  • At-your-pace online training available