inRentive for Marketing Sites

Compete with better content.
Get your customers more qualified leads.

Why should I use inRentive?
Four words: Lead to Lease Conversion. inRentive has proven that unit-level data, paired with floor plan specific photos increases lead to lease conversion from the industry standard of 30% to more than 60%. And, as the value of your marketing site is judged more and more on actual leases (rather than just leads), conversion is more important to you than ever.

Renters want transparency. They can get actionable information from hotels to restaurant reservations, but the rental industry falls short. Until a “check availability” link returns results with actual apartments available for rent, and not a contact form, we have work to do.
How does my site work with inRentive?
  • Contact inRentive about becoming a syndicated ILS partner.
  • Identify a list of your current advertisers (properties) that would like to use inRentive to manage their content to your site. If the property already exists within inRentive’s database, inRentive will add the property to your API account within 24-48 hours. If the property has yet to be added to the inRentive database, the following steps take place:
    • inRentive connects directly with the selected properties back-end property management software to harvest basic pricing and availability
    • The inRentive software automatically identifies missing marketing information as provided in the initial data integration.
    • Using a combination of inRentive technology solutions and our human force of qualified content curators, inRentive completes each property profile to a minimum of 90% competition (with the goal of 100% completion).
    • Once complete, inRentive makes the property data available to you via our real-time API.